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From 1th July 2020, Poland will resume flights to Ukraine

On July 1, Poland resumed air services with Ukraine. The relevant order will be valid for two weeks. The resumption of air service with Ukraine took place on the basis of an order of the Polish Council of Ministers of June 30.

However, there is also bad news, as the mandatory 14-day quarantine was not canceled by the Government of the Republic of Poland. As previously reported, the mandatory 14-day quarantine will be lifted from the resumption of flights. However, on July 3, the Council of Ministers of Poland announced a new law according to which the crew of an aircraft arriving from Ukraine to Poland must undergo a mandatory 14-day observation. This law does not apply to pupils, students of various forms of education, students of postgraduate education institutions, postgraduate students who will have official confirmation of the fact of education and persons conducting scientific or research work.

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