«CeDePe. Center for the Enterprise» Keeping accounting and not only.


We are trusted

"Trust is actually capital. When it comes to restoring trust, one must very clearly understand the difference between such fundamentally different things as money and trust. If you have money and you use it, you have less money. But the opposite is true: the more you use trust, the more trust around you is formed. That is social capital. The more you use it, the more you accumulate. That is a miracle of trust..." Charles Landry

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Our partners

We cooperate with the building companies, real estate agencies, wholesale and retail trade sector, agricultural enterprises, public catering and legal firms which are the representatives of the Ukrainian and European markets.


How to begin cooperation:

  • We value the professionalism, honesty and dedication to the business. We are open to the cooperation and exchange of experience.
1. Connect with us
2. We appoint the meeting
3. We form a commercial suggestion for you on mutually beneficial terms

First three months of cooperation – 50% discount

4. We sign an agreement
4. We sign an agreement
5. Best results tomorrow
5. Best results tomorrow

You can contact us by email or phone. We will arrange a meeting in one of our offices or visit you. At the beginning of cooperation with our clients we give a discount on the first three months of cooperation. We conclude a contract. Success. Our executive board constantly keeps in touch with all our clients to make sure that the assistance we provide to our clients works for achievement of Your goals.

It is important to constantly improve your business.

«CeDePe. Center for the Enterprise» Keeping accounting and not only!

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